• Top 10 Funny facts about Paris

    Paris, Ville Lumière and prestigious capital of France. We often think we know everything about this grand city: its monuments, its tumultuous history linked to the kings of France and the Republic, its immense cultural influence and economic power. To get off the beaten track, we compiled 10 funny facts about the city which we [...]

  • Top 10 Most Visited Sites and Monuments in France

    The Top 10 of the most visited attractions in France in 2011 puts Paris at the top end of the scale. The list includes the number of paid admissions entrances to French sites, museums and monuments. It does not include free admission sites such as Notre-Dame in Paris and the Gothic cathedrals of France, the [...]

  • The formidable story behind the French croissant

    France is known for its “croissants”. It is up there with the Eiffel Tower and beret as a French icon. Here in Sydney, most people know that the croissant is a true French delicacy and it is loved in all its forms: plain croissant, chocolate croissant (“pain au chocolat” in France), almond croissant, ham and [...]

  • Summer in France – L’été en France

    Summer resounds like a magic word to the French as it refers to the well-deserved holidays spent in one of the many beautiful locations in France. By the sea or in the mountains, visiting cities or exploring the rolling hills of the French countryside, having holidays in France when summer is in full swing will [...]

  • Monuments and Sites of France

    Where is Mont-Saint-Michel located? In which region is the fantastic site of Rocamadour situated? What is the name of this grand palace near Paris re-designed by Louis XIV which also houses the fantastic Hall of Mirrors (Galerie des Glaces). These are some of the questions you will be challenged with! Let’s see how well you know the monuments and [...]

  • Top 10 Most Beautiful Squares of France

    France prides itself in having some of Europe’s most beautiful squares. Planned and designed in the heart of the old towns, they are vibrant places for community gatherings. Many of them feature a fountain or a statue at their centre. We have listed below some of our favourite French squares… Featured image: Place Stanislas © [...]

  • Dordogne Valley in Périgord Noir

    From Souillac to Trémolat, the Dordogne Valley flows through the region of Périgord Noir. Along the peaceful, scenic roads set along the shores of the Dordogne River are charming old Périgordian villages, peaceful gardens and remarkable views to discover. The stars of the region are definitely the looming castles which witnessed conflicts and battles such as the [...]

  • Tour de France bicycle race

    The Tour de France is the world’s most famous bicycle race whose first edition was first organised in 1903. The event is a multiple stage race held each year in France with occasional stages in nearby countries. In July the whole country of France vibrates to the beat of the race, with its share of [...]

  • Paris-Plages along the banks of River Seine

    From mid-July to mid-August, the municipality of Paris runs a temporary artificial beach operation along River Seine. Judiciously named “Paris-Plages” the scheme was started by Bertrand Delanoë in 2002 for Parisians who could not go on holiday and had to stay in the French capital during summer. In 2014 the beach will be open daily [...]

  • Rocamadour, Quercy

    When coming from Cahors by road, Rocamadour suddenly appears clinging precariously against the cliff above the Alzou canyon. One of the most famous villages of Europe, Rocamadour seemingly defies the laws of gravity. The vertiginous Citadel of Faith is best summed up by an old local saying: “houses on the river, churches on the houses, [...]

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